Restaurant History

About Jim & Laura

Restaurant History

We are a small family run BBQ business that got it’s start in 1970 when we had our first hog roast on our farm in Oronoco, Minnesota. In 1978 we moved to South Carolina were we bought our first hog roaster and started roasting pigs for parties and events. This is where we perfected our southern style pork bbq with the mustard base sauce that we use today.

In 1993 J&J BBQ was born, we bought out a friend in Sterling, Colorado and began a catering and mobile concession business doing fairs and festivals from Minnesota to Texas and throughout the Midwest.

In 2001 we purchased our place here in Nelson, Wisconsin where we have been serving up our smoked meats and ribs along with catering events around the area. In 2014 we will grow again by adding a new dining room and banquet area. This will allow us more seating room and for the first time we will be able to serve beer with the additional of a liquor license. Our goal will remain the same – to serve the Best BBQ on the River and keep folks coming back for more!

Jim & Laura Grandy